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Phil and Sandra Hawkins

When Sandra Hawkins visited Jacksonville with her lifelong friend Gladys, she didn’t
expect to find a lifestyle so different from her current one in Brooklyn. Sandy and her
husband Phil were used to the fast-paced lifestyle that came naturally with working in
the New York television news industry. The charm of southern living combined with the
easiness of a beach community made Sandy immediately fall in love with the Nocatee
area. After that trip, she told Phil she wanted to move down and start looking for
It wasn’t long before Sandy started touring homes in Nocatee, and with so many great
options, it’s no surprise she found the perfect one in no time. From the moment Sandy
entered the courtyard in front of the house and continued into the open floor plan, she
knew she had found her home. From the giant centralized kitchen to the spacious
screened-in patio, this house was perfect for entertaining. She called Phil, and without
him ever seeing the house, they made an offer and became a part of the Nocatee
community. In 2016, after closing on their new home, Phil had the opportunity to walk
through the door for the very first time. He was as delighted as Sandy had been. It was
a perfect fit for their active lifestyle. Even their cat, Kurt, was well pleased.
Seven years since moving in, Phil and Sandy have fallen in love with their
neighborhood in Twenty Mile and the Nocatee community. Phil loves the miles of
nature trails and staying active on the pickleball court, while Sandy appreciates how
easy it is to make friends with her neighbors and the charm of how she’s greeted every

One of the deciding factors, when they chose to move to Jacksonville, was the relative
safety from natural disasters. This is why it was quite a shock to be greeted in their first
year with a hurricane that devastated much of the First Coast. But while flooding
became prevalent in other areas of town, Phil and Sandy were pleasantly surprised to
see the Nocatee master developers, The PARC Group, thought of everything when
they planned the community, including a top-tier drainage system that prevented any
flooding around their home. Another often overlooked but appreciated detail is the
ease of access to Nocatee Town Center and plentiful parking, something the Hawkins
rarely experienced when living in New York City.
The careful community planning that went into Nocatee is another well-appreciated
facet of life for Phil and Sandy. Top-notch medical facilities are conveniently located
within Nocatee, and multiple resort-style amenities make the Hawkins feel like they can
vacation within their community. In addition to the amazing amenities, boredom rarely
sets in as residents can choose from a monthly calendar of events that includes the
popular Farmer's Market, outdoor concerts and wine tastings.
Phil and Sandy often encourage friends and family to move down to Nocatee and join

the lifestyle they’ve come to enjoy so much, and they always offer their emphatic
endorsement of the community they have come to call home.